Be Frugal


A lot of these are based in the Reno/Tahoe area; however, there are some that you can do no matter where you live:


    1. Grand Sierra Resort (GSR) movie night $3
    2. Find a Drive-in movie theater – Sparks, NV
    3. Visit the Planetarium
    4. NV Museum of Arts sometimes have free admission
    5. Stitch’n Bitch – Crocheting or knitting with friends and “bitching” (jk) about what has happened to you recently…or just plain ‘ole catching up.
    6. Pedicure party – host your own at home where girlfriends get together. Could also make this into a potluck, also.
    7. Cooking night with friends – cook your favorite, easiest and tastiest meal and share it with others so they can recreate in their own homes
    8. Make a craft or do a hobby together
    9. Learn a NEW hobby or craft
    10. Read a book – your library has a ton of FREE stuff including ebooks, CDs, DVDs, magazine and more depending on your library. Our Washoe Library has audiobooks that I listen to during my daily commute. It’s a time to take advantage of my commute.
    11. Go Dancing!
    12. Bowling
    13. Roller-skating
    14. Billiards
    15. Watch up early and watch a sunrise
    16. Watch a sunset and just be quiet
    17. Conduct/Watch a movie marathon
    18. Host a blind wine tasting at home
    19. DAYDREAM!!
    20. Create a Bucket List – I really like Sean Ogle’s
    21. Make a Travel Dream List
      1. Build out a SMART plan for goals — keep this light and don’t stress too much
      2. Go on a Road Trip
        • Napa is very close to Reno 🙂
        1. Be a tourist in your own home town – for Reno there are tons of sites for this
        2. Start a blog – keep your fans or even family up to date with your adventures
          1. Build a website – or start one on
          2. Write a letter/card to someone you love or miss
          3. Sign up for a “Color Run” or “Run or Dye” event – these are really fun
          4. Subscribe to blogs, websites, etc. that inspire you – Check out the blogs I follow at the bottom page.
            • Or find blogs through communities like Google Currents, WordPress, or Blogspot.
            1. Go through and purge stuff from your home
            2. Now organize your space
              • Don’t forget digital files on your computer
              • By the way, help get rid of your clutter and scan documents into your Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive.
              1. Learn about American History and be more up to date on our government – the link is a video TV show online for FREE


                1. Give yourself a mani/pedicure at home
                2. Float the Truckee River
                3. Lay in the grass and figure out cloud animals with a friend
                4. Walk Idlewild park
                5. Go for a Hike!
                6. Camp
                  • I love camping on beaches or near them – try different state parks at
                  • Or go camping in the backyard
                  • Roast some hot dogs
                  • Make S’mores
                  1. Swim in Lake Tahoe
                  2. Mountain biking
                  3. Picnic
                  4. Kayak/rafting
                  5. Paddle board
                  6. Mountain climbing — even indoor
                  7. Pick wildflowers
                  8. Got on a hike/hunt just in search of wildflowers
                  9. Mini Golf
                  10. Go to a Farmer’s Market, even to just look around and see what is in your neighborhood. Expose yourself to new things!
                  11. Water ski – hopefully a friend has the equipment to keep it frugal
                  12. Pick fruit on an orchard
                  13. Go Fishing
                  14. Discover star constellations at night (literally lay outside and find them)
                  15. Water balloon fight
                  16. Wine/River Walk


                    1. Make collages with beautiful Fall leaves
                    2. Pick pine nuts
                    3. Pick pine cones for Christmas gifts (craft project)
                    4. Go visit some natural Hot Springs
                    5. Find a waterfall
                    6. Bake something and bring it into work/school/etc.
                    7. Clay Canvas – pick out some pottery and paint it
                    8. Picasso & Wine – drink wine and learn how to paint
                    9. Learn to make your own pottery
                    10. Make a candle from recycled jars
                    11. Try as many new restaurants Happy Hours to get a feel for the restaurant before spending dinero on a meal
                    12. A lot of Happy Hours have $2-3 house drinks and appetizers for $3-5.


                        1. Set a goal to make all of your Christmas gifts
                        2. Snowshoeing
                          • Some people in the Tahoe area meet up for Full Moon Snowshoeing as well
                          1. Build a snow man
                          2. Snow ball wars
                          3. Ice skating – depending on where it is
                          4. Toboggan
                          5. Sleigh Ride – by horse (schedule a group and the split the cost)
                          6. Ski-do
                          7. Play a board game
                          8. Learn new card games
                          9. Go to a local arcade and be a kid!
                          10. Karaoke
                          11. Start to train for a Spring/Summer marathon
                          12. Build a collage of all the things you did for the calendar year
                          13. Think of goals for the New Year