What to pack for Cancún?

Let me start by saying that I am a LIGHT packer and packing just a rucksack is my jam!   The hubby and I just got back from visiting Cancun for 6 days. Most of that time was hanging at the resort decompressing which was glorious but what we did in excursions, you could do … Continue reading What to pack for Cancún?

Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee Packet Review

So, the hubby and and I are going to be backpacking the Tahoe Rim Trail this Fall and I am prepping with getting our meals together, etc. I have had a variety of instant coffees; however, most are not individuality packaged. I like Starbucks coffee but it is kinda expensive for the amount that we … Continue reading Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee Packet Review

First backpacking trip….and lessons learned

BUCKS SUMMIT TO THREE LAKES = 11-12 miles (1-way) depending of which signs or GPS used. Honestly this trip was WAY too much for me as I did not train (this was couch to 12miles) nor did I have any idea of what I was doing, but I always wanted to cross off backpacking from my bucket … Continue reading First backpacking trip….and lessons learned