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The Silver Lining of the Pandemic

During the shut down, I experienced a lot of positive changes: From families dressing up in inflatable Unicorn costumes (so their faces where covered) for their evening walks and also visiting children's houses when it was their birthdaysSpending more time with familyFINALLY getting to hobbies that I have been meaning to get and have just … Continue reading The Silver Lining of the Pandemic

Life could be so simple…

...if we allow it. One of the many things that I reminded of whenever I go out to my little cabin in the woods is that you don't need a lot to get by, survive or even thrive in life. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that you want, or … Continue reading Life could be so simple…

Picking a Cabin Name

After buying our place, we noticed that other people named their camps. We thought it was fun and started thinking of names of our own. Some people used their last names for their cabins and some used how their built theirs (i.e. a neighbor built his cabin with the money he made on "Wall $treet") … Continue reading Picking a Cabin Name