90-Day Spending Challenge: Pump Penalty

I commute about 50 miles/day for school. I try to carpool with friends or family when I can; however, I was curious how much money would be saved if you go 55 mph (state limit in Oregon), 65 mph (speed limit in most states), and 70 mph (the speed at lot of people out here … Continue reading 90-Day Spending Challenge: Pump Penalty

90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: Frugal Bathing…??

So I know what you are thinking = Frugal Bathing?? For Real? Yes & No..... Yes - I thought I would post this as I know we are having massive drought and some counties in California are looking at losing their water in just 90 days. Also, I was shocked after learning of some family … Continue reading 90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: Frugal Bathing…??

90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: Be Productive

So with this 90-Day Spending Fast Challenge, it's not only about money, it's also about how I spend my time. And one of things that when I lived in Vancouver that was so very important was everything having dual purpose. So in the morning I like to do my yoga, and I have laundry and dishes … Continue reading 90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: Be Productive

90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: FREE Money $$$

I KNOW that I have posted about earning money on Bing before; however, I can't stress it enough about EASY this is and no one should miss out on FREE money!! You can trade in your Bing Points for $5 Egift certificates at Amazon, Sephora, Starbucks, ProFlowers, Fandango, IHOP, Burger King and the list goes on. You can … Continue reading 90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: FREE Money $$$

90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: Use it of “Lose” it!

Today at the store, I picked up some facial moisturizer knowing that in about 2 weeks or less I would run out. Now, the store is within 10-15mins from my home and I pass by it everyday on my way home. I remembered my Spending Fast and decided to put the jar down until I … Continue reading 90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: Use it of “Lose” it!

90-Day Spending Fast Challenge

About 9 months ago, I embarked on a 30-Day Spending Fast before quitting my day job and going back to school full-time. I learned a lot about myself during that time in regards to what I need and what I want and even when I went back to spending money again.  I highly recommend going … Continue reading 90-Day Spending Fast Challenge

Almond Milk from Scratch

So, I just learned how to make Almond Milk from scratch from my uncle. It's actually quite easy and if you have any almonds left over, they are much easier to chew as they are soaked in water. What you will need: 1 cup of raw almonds 3 cups of water 2 medjool date (pitted) … Continue reading Almond Milk from Scratch

Flavored Waters

So while walking outside today, I got a craving for flavored water! Which got me thinking that it's really easy to make: Watermelon coconut water Melon water Have heard that you can just cut up melons, and put them in a pitcher of water overnight Lavender lemonade Get your Lavender from Reno's local Lavender farm … Continue reading Flavored Waters

Crochet Wrist Sweatband

Since I started trail running and now it is July in Reno, NV where the temperature can hit 100 degree plus, it's HOT here. Even with sweatproof sunscreen, it doesn't matter. At that temperature and creating body heat, you're melting and sweat is going to drip into your face.So with staying frugal and especially for … Continue reading Crochet Wrist Sweatband

Spending Fast…and Now that I’m Spending AGAIN

Since my Spending Fast, I've had some expenses for school that I have needed to take care of (i.e. immunizations, shoes and upgrading my software on my personal computer); nevertheless, I have been exercising more and enjoying the great weather outside. I couldn't help but wander through REI and look at all the cool, efficient … Continue reading Spending Fast…and Now that I’m Spending AGAIN