Camping in Napa – Day 1

I love wine tasting and I love camping, so I was VERY excited to discover Bothe-Napa Valley State Park and the Ritchey Creek Campground. This place is a gem at only $35/night for a tent site and $60-75/night for a yurt. There are cabins which we did not see while there. The campsites are very … Continue reading Camping in Napa – Day 1

Birthday FREEbies

I have multiple emails for different reasons. For instance, an email for personal, for work/professional, and "sign up for our newsletter." Don't get me wrong, the last one gets a lot of emails; however, I enjoy getting a lot of freebies for my birthday from companies like: Qdoba - free burrito Sephora - free makeup … Continue reading Birthday FREEbies

Bathroom Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in the house, in particular, in the bathroom so every morning I see them while getting ready and start my day. I usually try to spend around $5 for a bundle and Trader Joe's is a good place to find them; however, while at Michael's I came across these really … Continue reading Bathroom Flowers

Popiscle Stick Work-Out

I was looking for new ideas for quick workouts that would change up my routine and are feasible to squeeze into my day = no excuses. Most of these exercises  do not include weights, again, no excuses LOL. I just used a mason jar, sharpie, and a tin can (for my "done/finished" pile). I found … Continue reading Popiscle Stick Work-Out

Faux Duvet Cover = when you can’t afford to buy one or sew one

So my last duvet cover bit the dust and I wasn't about to pay an awful lot of of money for a brand new one. I normally get my duvet sets at IKEA but IKEA is about one and a half to two hours away from Reno and I didn't have the time to make … Continue reading Faux Duvet Cover = when you can’t afford to buy one or sew one

Small House Living & Why I Like it!

Because it's Eeeeeeeeeasy! Our house is around 1,000 sq. ft. (3 bedrooms, 2 bath). When I tell people that our house is around 1,000 sq ft which is smaller some of friend's apartments, they would be astonished that the floor plan could even have a third bedroom. But it works. And yes , there are … Continue reading Small House Living & Why I Like it!

Make your own Wedding Centerpieces

My aunt and I made our wedding centerpieces. It was fun, inexpensive and exactly what I wanted. Supplies: 200 Costco Bulk Yellow Roses - $160 Floral tap - $1 Small short vase (Jo-Ann's) - $1.75 with a 50% off coupon 6-pack Plant foam squares - $2-3 Plant moss (Jo-ann's) - Think this was $3 with … Continue reading Make your own Wedding Centerpieces

DIY Bridal Bouquet

My wedding was a couple of years ago and I and my aunt did all of the flowers for the wedding. We had fun and SAVED US SO MUCH $$. So I thought I would blog about how it easy it was and how You can make your own bouquet for $30! Our wedding colors … Continue reading DIY Bridal Bouquet

Flavored Waters

I LOVE flavored waters....... however I have yet to make it at home. 😦 So I went on a hunt for recipes and I found this great blog with flavored water recipes. I thought I would start out simple, with just fruit, and go from there in my new experiment 🙂 I picked up the … Continue reading Flavored Waters

5 ways to cut down on your cleaning

I have struggled with this for a long time. I like my home to look nice and be organized but it's inevitable that we all have to clean. And it's good to take care of your space; not only in a hygienic way but also it's good for the mind to not see all those … Continue reading 5 ways to cut down on your cleaning