90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: Be Productive

So with this 90-Day Spending Fast Challenge, it's not only about money, it's also about how I spend my time. And one of things that when I lived in Vancouver that was so very important was everything having dual purpose. So in the morning I like to do my yoga, and I have laundry and dishes … Continue reading 90-Day Spending Fast Challenge: Be Productive

Simple organizational help – labeling cans

Don't know why I didn't think of this before?! I mainly have drawers in my kitchen instead of a pantry, so I'm mainly looking down and seeing the tops of my cans and then pulling each one up to see what the label is on the side. So one day, I thought about writing with … Continue reading Simple organizational help – labeling cans

Ingenious Quick Shave

So by the title of his post, you can guess that I'm not as hippie-dippie as you might think. Normally I take a bath when shaving to take my time and not worry about "getting in and out" without hurting myself. Practice has not made this girl perfect so I don't know why I didn't … Continue reading Ingenious Quick Shave

Bathroom Cleaning in Seconds!!

I use Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap in peppermint to start and awaken my day. I love this soap….the smell is awesome and you can use the soap to clean dishes, clothes, etc. It's very versitile and comes in a number of scents. On my weeekends they are so many things I try to do "get … Continue reading Bathroom Cleaning in Seconds!!

Homemade scratch paper

Being in chemistry and biology classes, I have a lot of practice tests, power point presentations for lectures notes, and lab reports that I print off in order to study. I know people would say, print double side or pull up the problem on your screen and write down the answer yet I like the … Continue reading Homemade scratch paper