Spending Fast: Day 21 – Get Creative

So  honestly….I'm just wanting to revamp some of my clothes although I realistically, I don't NEED new clothes and the next year of my life is going to be Nursing school. So with going through my closest, I decided to:Go through and get rid of clothes that I don't wear anymore and are just thereIf … Continue reading Spending Fast: Day 21 – Get Creative

Spending Fast: Day 13 – How to Move Beyond Convenience

I’m almost halfway through the month of this Spending Fast, and I’ve noticed my biggest struggle is really fighting against convenience. For instance, you need to run errands on the weekend and you will be gone all day. Grabbing a banana or power bar is easy however power bars are not always cheap and sometimes … Continue reading Spending Fast: Day 13 – How to Move Beyond Convenience

Spending Fast: Day 3

So today is already starting a little bit hard = I wasn't able to make lunch last night with the in-laws in town, and trying to be a good host; so I don't have a lunch :-(Also tonight, we are invited over to the hubbie's uncle's house and I was told that there will not … Continue reading Spending Fast: Day 3

My Spending Fast

So I'm giving myself the 30 challenge before quitting my job to go on a "Spending Fast." I live a pretty frugal life already so honestly this is going to be a little hard honestly….. I'm telling myself to spend money on only what I NEED instead of, "Well, it's under $5…ya only live once……." … Continue reading My Spending Fast

Making Money on Bing

Get rewarded while surfing the internet!  I use Bing as a search engine to look up show-times, research travel sites or other misc. things and earn point while doing it. I signed up for Bing rewards through my Live account and starting surfing. You get automatic points for "signing-up," referring friends, and every day there … Continue reading Making Money on Bing

No Sales Tax Days by state

I know a lot of people, especially with school around the corner, are already starting shop and look for deals for back to school or just look for deals in general with summer almost being half way done. I found this the other day and hope that it helps some people with their shopping (whatever … Continue reading No Sales Tax Days by state