New Year’s Eve 2015 Party

For NYE, I like to do something but I never like having to worry about finding a cab let alone paying for a cab along with drinks, entrance fees, etc. All the things that normally go along with the typical the hubby and I decided to stay in for NYE and I threw us … Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2015 Party

Mini Apple Pies for the Holidays

With recently hosting a Country Baby (girl) Shower, I wanted to make some homemade apple pies for everyone. I find it easier to make bite-size or mini individual size pies so people and grab-n-go at the buffet which helps keeps the flow of the party going. So here is my EASY Mini Apple Pie recipe: … Continue reading Mini Apple Pies for the Holidays

Country Baby (girl) Shower

I recently hosted a baby shower for a dear friend who is having a baby girl; however, she didn't want pink so we went with the color RED. Here are the final results for a "Boots and Bling, it's a Country Girl Thing" Baby Shower. For making the Sunflower Favor Tags, click here for post and … Continue reading Country Baby (girl) Shower

Sunflower Favor Tags

For my friend's baby shower, I saw this idea on Pinterest and LOVED IT!! But her colors were red and yellow for her shower so I tweaked this idea into: I made these tags in a Word doc (it was a pain aligning it etc.) so I've saved it as a PDF for you to … Continue reading Sunflower Favor Tags

2 Diaper Cakes For Under $20

I love the look of diaper cakes but was always intimidated to make one and heard that they can be very pricey. So here are TWO diaper cakes for under $20! Supplies: 1. Two Target brand size 1 diapers - $6.48 each (you'll have 100 diapers) 2. Two baby bottles - $1 each (get at … Continue reading 2 Diaper Cakes For Under $20

Bridal Shower Fun

My friend Sara came up with some wonderful ideas for my bridal shower and I just had to share. I was thinking that these ideas could be used for Baby Shower or just other party planning in general. I was blown away while walking through the door, and even though I did post everything she … Continue reading Bridal Shower Fun