Spending Fast FINISHED: Conclusions and Lessons Learned

So in retrospect of my Spending Fast, here are some conclusions that I have come to Wants: Reality: Eating out/happy hours 1x/week - more of bummer as I was pretty frugal when I did go out = normally spending $10 Hard - I make this sound like I'm a socialite but I'm not. As long … Continue reading Spending Fast FINISHED: Conclusions and Lessons Learned

Spending Fast: Day 21 – Get Creative

So  honestly….I'm just wanting to revamp some of my clothes although I realistically, I don't NEED new clothes and the next year of my life is going to be Nursing school. So with going through my closest, I decided to:Go through and get rid of clothes that I don't wear anymore and are just thereIf … Continue reading Spending Fast: Day 21 – Get Creative

1 minute updo

  This literally too my 1 minute to do 🙂 I'm in finals week so ponytails and updo's it is so anything quick that I can accessorize and look acceptable is perfect. (I didn't accessorize this look however you can add flowers and barrettes, etc. for fun. Steps:Put your in a high ponytailPull the elastic away from … Continue reading 1 minute updo

Leftover chili bake

Ok, so I had a ton of rice left over from make a stir fry, veggie korma and another meal. I didn't flavor the rice so I could use it multiple meals and i didn't want to throw it out. So after grabbing things from my pantry......I turned the remaining rice into a chili bake.Ingredients … Continue reading Leftover chili bake

Stuffed bell peppers (vegan) minus the sour cream :-)

Filled with:RiceBeansTomatoesSalsaCilantroCorn(and honestly, anything else you desire)Bake in the oven @ 350 degrees for about 20-30 and Enjoy :-)Once done, top off the peppers with crushed tortilla chips or any other garnish before serving.Also, this is a great recipe for camping as everything already made. Just wrap the pepper in tin foil placing the pepper in … Continue reading Stuffed bell peppers (vegan) minus the sour cream 🙂

Vegan rice pudding

This was so easy to make!! I had about 2-3cups of left over rice and dodnt know what to do with and was getting pretty bored with some rice dishes. So I decided to change it up and make dessert.So here is what I did (btw, nothing was measured and I just went for it):2-3 … Continue reading Vegan rice pudding

Gibson Tuck – easy, fast updo for busy days

Some days that extra 30 mins of sleeping in COUNTS!! however I don't want to go to work looking like I slept-in. My hair is curly hence some of the frizz however the Gibson Tuck is a REALLY easy updo that you can do in less than 5 mins.I've accessorized the tuck with flowers, sparkling … Continue reading Gibson Tuck – easy, fast updo for busy days

Bridal Shower Fun

My friend Sara came up with some wonderful ideas for my bridal shower and I just had to share. I was thinking that these ideas could be used for Baby Shower or just other party planning in general. I was blown away while walking through the door, and even though I did post everything she … Continue reading Bridal Shower Fun

Creamy protein smoothies

 I've been making protein smoothies from various different kinds of protein (whey, rice, egg, and some others that I don't know but are vegan).  I've mainly been using either soy milk, almond milk and/or water as a the liquid and then add some crushed ice. HERE IS THE VERDICT:I like soy or almond milk better than … Continue reading Creamy protein smoothies