New Year’s Eve 2015 Party

For NYE, I like to do something but I never like having to worry about finding a cab let alone paying for a cab along with drinks, entrance fees, etc. All the things that normally go along with the typical the hubby and I decided to stay in for NYE and I threw us … Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2015 Party

Make your own Wedding Centerpieces

My aunt and I made our wedding centerpieces. It was fun, inexpensive and exactly what I wanted. Supplies: 200 Costco Bulk Yellow Roses - $160 Floral tap - $1 Small short vase (Jo-Ann's) - $1.75 with a 50% off coupon 6-pack Plant foam squares - $2-3 Plant moss (Jo-ann's) - Think this was $3 with … Continue reading Make your own Wedding Centerpieces

DIY Bridal Bouquet

My wedding was a couple of years ago and I and my aunt did all of the flowers for the wedding. We had fun and SAVED US SO MUCH $$. So I thought I would blog about how it easy it was and how You can make your own bouquet for $30! Our wedding colors … Continue reading DIY Bridal Bouquet

Birthday Beer Cake

BEER + BIRTHDAY = BEER BIRTHDAY CAKE Sometimes just giving what someone wants can be dull, so I got creative in giving Beer to my hubby. He really enjoys Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and just relaxing at home when he has time off from work. Also, I was not going to be there when he … Continue reading Birthday Beer Cake

Halloween Wreath

This project is UNDER $20 and UNDER 20 minutes to make. We really wanted to have more Halloween decorations and not spend a lot of $$ on them either so I thought making a Halloween Wreath would be fun, easy and cheap....not to mention easy "set-up and take-down" for the holidays. 😀 This was my … Continue reading Halloween Wreath

Soaked Almonds

I love soaked almonds. They are a quick cheap snack for the whole family. You can throw them in smoothies for added protein, make Almond Milk, or just munch on them. I like eating them soaked versus raw because they are more "plump" from being soaked, so I find that I enjoy the texture and … Continue reading Soaked Almonds

My Raw Food Breakfast

I was in debate about actually posting what I eat most mornings lol; however, there might be some people that would like it as well. Mix together: - half an apple, chopped - a spoonful of chopped pecans - a spoonful of golden raisins - a spoonful of unsweetened coconut flakes Also, I soak the … Continue reading My Raw Food Breakfast

Scrap Blanket for SPCA Cats & Dogs

I ❤ our local SPCA!! Especially because I got my cat there; however, when I arrived I saw so many animals that needed homes. I love cats and dogs but I am very aware of my lifestyle and the amount of attention, and energy I can give an animal and how many of them. Anyhow, … Continue reading Scrap Blanket for SPCA Cats & Dogs

Chia Yogurt Parfait

I love berries!! And being a lacto-vegetarian, I really like to incorporate chia seeds into my meals for the protein as well love you omega fats. This breakfast is so easy and is one of my go to breakfasts when I'm busy as I can prepare it the day before and it's ready in the … Continue reading Chia Yogurt Parfait