Crochet Wrist Sweatband

Since I started trail running and now it is July in Reno, NV where the temperature can hit 100 degree plus, it's HOT here. Even with sweatproof sunscreen, it doesn't matter. At that temperature and creating body heat, you're melting and sweat is going to drip into your face.So with staying frugal and especially for … Continue reading Crochet Wrist Sweatband

SAFELY enjoying the great Outdoors

Hi Everyone, I am normally outdoors exercising (weather permitting) and it occurred to me the other day while trail running alone....and no one was on the trail, which is quite odd as it is usually frequented. I realized that there are some extra safety items that I need to get since I'm going out alone: … Continue reading SAFELY enjoying the great Outdoors

Spending Fast…and Now that I’m Spending AGAIN

Since my Spending Fast, I've had some expenses for school that I have needed to take care of (i.e. immunizations, shoes and upgrading my software on my personal computer); nevertheless, I have been exercising more and enjoying the great weather outside. I couldn't help but wander through REI and look at all the cool, efficient … Continue reading Spending Fast…and Now that I’m Spending AGAIN