1st Video Review: YETI 24 ROADIE REVIEW

https://youtu.be/k5lCLpAkQ04 POST UTV RIDE REVIEW: I really like this YETI much more than I thought I would but here are the Pros and Cons mentioned in the video and post ride. PROS: Small footprintTall = holds most wine bottles and because of the height, it was easy to place all cans and ice bottom while … Continue reading 1st Video Review: YETI 24 ROADIE REVIEW

Off Grid Conversions

Deciding how basic you would like to go off-grid is a very personal decision and different for everyone. I have some neighbors that have a gas generator and use propane (cooking and heating) while others operate 100% off their solar generators and wood stoves. The answer for what "works" for you will vary, based on … Continue reading Off Grid Conversions

Review of Thermacell Radius

I LOVE being out in nature but getting eaten alive by mosquitoes is not fun, especially when you are trying to relax or eat a meal.The hubby and I have tried the butane thermacell mosquitos repellent devices and they work well; however, the sometimes the igniter doesn't work and I feel like they don't last … Continue reading Review of Thermacell Radius

RV or Dry Cabin?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we wanted to build a small cabin of about 600 square feet (a 20x30) with propane, septic and a well; however, with state regulations that dream died unless we wanted to pay closer to $100k for a vacation/getaway spot. We spoke to our neighbors about what they do … Continue reading RV or Dry Cabin?

Review: Helio Shower

The Helio Shower retails for about $99 at REI and my husband and I were able to pick one up at a REI garage sale for about $13. SCORE!  For $13, I was was willing to take the gamble on whether this shower worked or not as all sales are final at these garage sales. … Continue reading Review: Helio Shower

Biolite Stove Review – 2 years post purchase

We have been using our BioLite stove with the grill attachment along with the cattle for about 1 to 2 years now and here are some of the things that I like and don't like since using it: Pros/Likes: It's very compact as the battery fits into the stove compartment and then they both slide … Continue reading Biolite Stove Review – 2 years post purchase

How to recharge your electronic devices in the woods

Whenever we go camping or backpacking, we have a couple of different ways that we recharge our electronic devices. Depending on how much wattage you will need in order to recharge the device, will dictate which method. For small devices like a headlamp or Garmin GPS watch, our Biolite Stove works just fine; however, my … Continue reading How to recharge your electronic devices in the woods

First backpacking trip….and lessons learned

BUCKS SUMMIT TO THREE LAKES = 11-12 miles (1-way) depending of which signs or GPS used. Honestly this trip was WAY too much for me as I did not train (this was couch to 12miles) nor did I have any idea of what I was doing, but I always wanted to cross off backpacking from my bucket … Continue reading First backpacking trip….and lessons learned

Gear review: REI InCamp Sleeping Pad

I ❤ this sleeping pad and have slept on it for 2 weeks straight, never feeling like I needed or wanted more from it!! I went to my local REI and spent about an hour or so laying on all the sleeping pads from the heavier self-inflating to ultralight backpacking air pads. Although I mainly … Continue reading Gear review: REI InCamp Sleeping Pad

SAFELY enjoying the great Outdoors

Hi Everyone, I am normally outdoors exercising (weather permitting) and it occurred to me the other day while trail running alone....and no one was on the trail, which is quite odd as it is usually frequented. I realized that there are some extra safety items that I need to get since I'm going out alone: … Continue reading SAFELY enjoying the great Outdoors