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1st Video Review: YETI 24 ROADIE REVIEW POST UTV RIDE REVIEW: I really like this YETI much more than I thought I would but here are the Pros and Cons mentioned in the video and post ride. PROS: Small footprintTall = holds most wine bottles and because of the height, it was easy to place all cans and ice bottom while … Continue reading 1st Video Review: YETI 24 ROADIE REVIEW

The Silver Lining of the Pandemic

During the shut down, I experienced a lot of positive changes: From families dressing up in inflatable Unicorn costumes (so their faces where covered) for their evening walks and also visiting children's houses when it was their birthdaysSpending more time with familyFINALLY getting to hobbies that I have been meaning to get and have just … Continue reading The Silver Lining of the Pandemic

Off Grid Conversions

Deciding how basic you would like to go off-grid is a very personal decision and different for everyone. I have some neighbors that have a gas generator and use propane (cooking and heating) while others operate 100% off their solar generators and wood stoves. The answer for what "works" for you will vary, based on … Continue reading Off Grid Conversions

Books I LOVE

Some great books to get your mind thinking: 1984 by George Orwell - Have always loved this book! To think this was written/published in 1949 about what the future would be like - Big Brother is watching you. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Make you Laugh out Loud: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophia Kinsella … Continue reading Books I LOVE

Virtually Paint Your Room/House

Originally posted December 8, 2015 So my husband and I wanted to paint our house completely different colors than the current blue and gray-blue. We wanted more neutral colors and I was really unsure if the colors that I was thinking in my mind would look good in real life. So I went to the … Continue reading Virtually Paint Your Room/House

Fabric Filter Mask (with nose piece and T-shirt ties)

If I can do this, YOU CAN TOO! I am a big believer in DIY and use what you already have before buying more. I wanted to create a face mask with resources that I already have, instead of going out to buy more. As well as, creating a nose sleeve/piece where a paper clip … Continue reading Fabric Filter Mask (with nose piece and T-shirt ties)

Seize the Day! Daily Planner PDF

Seize the Day Daily Planner So during this isolation, it has been VERY easy for hours to pass by with not getting anything that was truly productive done. Sooooo, with that being said, I put together a Seize the Day! Daily Planner to help me by more focused and to also hold myself accountable to … Continue reading Seize the Day! Daily Planner PDF

Exercise in Isolation

So with most businesses shut down and some are experiencing cabin fever in their own homes, exercise and sunshine is important. I know all may not be in a situation to go out and get some fresh air so I put together a list of exercises that have been keeping me sane and safe inside: … Continue reading Exercise in Isolation

Out of toilet paper??

I know everyone is wondering where all the toilet paper went? I actually did too when I saw the aisles in our local stores and questioned if the Coronavirus gave you diarrhea.Having grown up in the Middle East, you never knew when the next shipment would come in. My family went one year before they … Continue reading Out of toilet paper??