Integrative Health & Stress Coaching

Hi, I’m Valerie

I am a Duke University trained Integrative Health Coach, Registered Nurse and have been a Yoga/Meditation Instructor for over 18 years.

I help people get unstuck

By using integrative health coaching and yoga/meditation techniques, I can help you.

Integrative Health is a WHOLE person approach.

In short, your health involves more than just numbers. We will cover and take into account every aspect of your life that impacts your health and well-being.

Are you faced with a medical challenge and don’t know where to begin?

Is your work-life getting in the way of you having a life? 

Are your thoughts ruining your day?

Not enough time in the day for you to enjoy the things that bring you joy?

Partner with me to overcome
these challenges

Let’s Talk!

Once you send an email, I will contact you with potential times to meet for a no-cost discovery call.

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