Off-Grid Blender

As you all know, I really like using USB appliances/products while being off-grid as they are so EASY to recharge via a battery pack, a foldable solar panel your Biolite stove, etc. My husband was very thoughtful as I want to keep to healthy eating while we are off-grid and not just have burgers and beer every night so he got me this for Christmas so I could have margaritas smoothies for breakfast.

I see that there are many different brands on Amazon that you can get for being USB Blenders and I was pretty impressed with this little on for ACTUALLY blending ice (that was not previously crushed) and it even had a safety mechanism that is the plastic bottle piece is not screwed in all the way, it will not allow the blender to turn on.

I did find that it took about 30mins for the battery to fully charge. I have not tested it out yet for home many smoothies you can blend before another recharge is needed BUT I notice that the battery does not hold a charge for a long period of time when not in use. So I would recharge it prior to blending.

I may even bring this on road trips. …


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