1st Video Review: YETI 24 ROADIE REVIEW


I really like this YETI much more than I thought I would but here are the Pros and Cons mentioned in the video and post ride.


  • Small footprint
  • Tall = holds most wine bottles and because of the height, it was easy to place all cans and ice bottom while placing tuperware (of food) on top
  • Great height for sitting on it
  • It is very light = 13lbs empty
  • Stays cold in the sun!!
    • If you purchase a darker color Yeti, I have seen some reviews that state the temperatures inside can increase up to 12 degrees warmer than the white color.
  • Easy 1 hand latching
  • Fabric handles it easy to grab/maneuver with 1 hand
  • Takes a beating!!! Yes, I flew out of the UTV and landed without damage.
    • It did stay in the flatbed area pretty well (without being strapped down) prior to us hitting a jump


  • It LEAKS – yes, when tipped over, it will leak out all the water
  • The latch handles are built into the fabric handle connection to the cooler and I seriously wonder how they will hold up in time before breaking as they are a piece of plastic versus built into the cooler like older models.

But so far so good!

Pretty impressed with it taking a beating when it flew out of the Can-Am hit the road. 🙂


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