Exercise in Isolation

So with most businesses shut down and some are experiencing cabin fever in their own homes, exercise and sunshine is important. I know all may not be in a situation to go out and get some fresh air so I put together a list of exercises that have been keeping me sane and safe inside:

  1. Workout Videos – yes, those oldies but goodies.
  2. Samsung app – I have a Garmin and Samsung watch and their are workouts connected to the watch. Just something to change it up.
  3. Other apps – I like FitOn for something FREE and short little workouts that I can do at home that about 10-15mins of my time
  4. Free weights – always easy to do while watching TV or getting some reps while the pasta boils
  5. Popsicle stick workout
  6. Jump rope
  7. Treadmill 🙂 – we bought a treadmill from Sam’s Club almost 10 years ago for about $500 and it has been great! I love being able to get on it like times like this OR when it is freezing outside and I wanna go for a walk/run.
  8. Yoga/stretching

What you workouts are you doing at home at this time?


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