Out of toilet paper??

I know everyone is wondering where all the toilet paper went? I actually did too when I saw the aisles in our local stores and questioned if the Coronavirus gave you diarrhea.

Having grown up in the Middle East, you never knew when the next shipment would come in. My family went one year before they could buy ketchup again. Another time, when strawberries finally came in, they cost $25 usd for a pint. You just made do with what you had, and came up with modifications along the way.

We didn’t have pumpkins for Halloween. As a child I wanted to carve a Jack-o-lantern, like what I saw in my reading books. I wanted to be like the other children of America, so I modified…..a navel orange. I carefully scooped out all of the pulp, and carved a face. I then used cardboard and scotch tape to construct a tiny candle stand which I used a birthday (cake) candle. My mother helped me light the candle and I got to enjoy taking part in a Halloween a activity.

Needless to say, this isolation and lack of resources reminds of living overseas. We weren’t necessarily hoarders or preppers but we had to be prepared for, you don’t know when the next boat will come with supplies. In America, I still don’t think things will get THAT bad but….it is not really doing without, yet adjusting and modifying what you already have.

So with the scarcity of toilet paper in these modern times, here are some things you can do to modify:

  1. Bidet style it – People who cloth diaper know this well and many countries don’t use toilet paper as their pipe system can’t handle it.
  2. Cloth rags – Yes, use flannel or cotton. Microfiber may be a bit drying to the skin. Then sanitize it in your washer (literally use the sanitize function). Believe it or not, people who are a zero waste households do this.
  3. DO NOT FLUSH PAPER TOWELS. This will clog your pipes. Instead just throw them in a trash bin to the side of your toilet.
  4. Be careful if you use the flushable wipes too. You will need to read if there is a limit per flush and for what kind of system you have.
  5. Make your own wet wipes! Again do not flush these – in short, cut your paper towels in half (horizontal). You may need to use a kitchen knife to do so. Soak the paper towels in water, castile soap or a baby shampoo; along with or without an oil for the skin. I DIY tutorial may be a good one for people as well.

I know a lot of you are thinking, “That is disgusting.” Yet, I know someone who went 10 days without toilet paper before the boat came in….we will get through this, we may just need to modify in order do so.

By the way, grab Castile soap. You can use this soap for so many things. I always travel & camp with this soap as it can face my face/body, clothes, fruit/veggies and clean my house with this soap. It is also biodegradable too.

P.S. Try your hardware stores for cleaning supplies and toilet paper. They seemed to be stocked in our area 😉


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