1st Time – Camping with the Cat!

So this weekend, we wanted to go camping and have always thought about taking the cat as she loves the outdoors BUT I was so worried that she would be scared the whole time and hate it…then hate me for putting her through it.

We gathered up all her favorite things to ensure she would have comfort, grabbed her litter box, food/water, her harness and took off the woods for a quick overnight. This way if Stella, our cat, didn’t like it, we would be returning home quickly.

Well…..save to say……she LOVED being outdoors. She loved exploring all the new smells and structures in the woods.

Being outdoors is not for every cat. Stella likes to be outside but within our presence and constantly is curious about the outside world. Whenever she can, she is trying to get outside and explore. She sometimes wanders off as she is a little mischievous, so keeping her on a harness is very necessary. I will have to get her a parka/fleece jacket as she is a short-hair and she was cold from time to time. Eventually, we brought her bed outside and wrapped a fleece blanket around her so when she was not walking around she could cocoon herself in warmth.

I am so excited for future adventures with taking Stella off-grid ❤

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