Cancún in 3 days

Cancún, México in the hotel zone.

So there is a lot to do in Cancun! Some of the ideas I am including, I have done on multiple trips, but honestly, you could do it about 3 days if time is limited. My suggested time recommendations at each location are  in parentheresis.

  • Downtown Cancun – (2-3 hrs) There are buses that can drop you off downtown depending on where you are staying or just rent a car to more flexibility. For me, a lot of downtown is commercialized, so unless I was visiting a restaurant or particular place, we didn’t spend much time here.
  • Tulum – (2 hrs) This ancient Mayan fortress is about 2 hours south of Cancun. It very beautiful and it right on the water. A lot of resorts are in this area too if you want to stay.
  • Chichen Itza – (2 hrs) The most popular attraction for Mayan civilizations is a little over 2hrs drive from the hotel zone of Cancun. I would probably recommend a tour as it’s easiest mode of transportation out there. Our day tour included a 50mins tour of Chichen Itza with a guide that educated us on the history along with answering all of our individual questions. We were also given another 60mins to explore the grounds.
    • We used GetyourGuide app. It was efficient; however, I was unsure of which tour company I was booking with at the time of reserving our spots. I think I would probably contact the hotel next time to see if there is a better/easier deal for pick up and drop off.
  • Isla Mujeres and/or Cozumel – (1/2 day – 1 day) This is about another 45mins drive to the port (from hotel zone) to take a water taxi to these islands. Honestly, a 1/2 day trip there is all you need. There is not a lot to do there beyond take the beauty of the island so for me…..I ticked the bucket list box but….could have done without it. They are beautiful islands though.
  • Cenotes – (1 – 2 hr) There are many cenotes (sink holes) in the Cancun area. Ee did in conjunction with seeing Chichen Itza and wish we had more time to spend at Il Kil Cenote. We only had 30mins. There are many cenotes in the Cancun area. We visited Il Kil and it was nice with a locker room, snack bar/market area.
  • Ziplining – these are usually a 1/2 day trip.
  • Xcaret ( 1 day) – this is a gorgeous water park that you can also stay in the area to enjoy its jungle-like feel. There is snorkling and more here

Now, I know I listed a lot above; however, there are many tours that include a little bit of everything. For instance, I found a tour that included Chichen Itza, ziplining and finished with a cenote all in one day. So… really depends on how long you want to spend at each location…….but you do maximize seeing it “all with a tour.”

Hope this helps with your next adventure!!






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