Life could be so simple…

…if we allow it.
One of the many things that I reminded of whenever I go out to my little cabin in the woods is that you don’t need a lot to get by, survive or even thrive in life. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that you want, or you feel that you need, or even your insecurities of what you don’t have but others do.
We can get caught up in frivolous emotional matters in our personal/work lives; instead of going to work, doing your job and going home. Depending on the culture of people that surround you on a daily basis, they can impact you. Their vibration and your vibration has a ripple effect. And as much as I am a yoga instructor and some would disagree that “as long as you are strong enough within, others won’t drag you down.” Nevertheless, we are social human beings that want to belong and it is hard to not allow your everyday situations to not wear on you. You don’t want to harden your heart, but may need to know when to cut ties or allow for some distance.
Being in the woods allows me that distance. It gets me back to what is real and what is truly necessary, versus frivolous. I believe travel is the same way for your spirit. I can meditate wherever and that connects my spirit, mind, body, and heart; yet a walk in the woods is like getting a hug from mother nature.
When I go out to my cabin, I realize how little electricity I use; how little water I need; everything is biodegradable; my kitchen is very basic but just enough of what I need; and if I do use paper products, there is not waste as I can burn it in my campfire. It is not to say everything is perfect, but everything is efficient…..I am still working on a mini AC/swamp cooler unit for the heat of summer out there. This would be a nice addition 😊
So it is a nice reminder that it doesn’t take much to live life. A little distance helps gain that perspective as opposed to feeling like your nose is against the glass = so focused on one item that you don’t see what is already surrounding you. I hope in times of gaining perspective, that we all have a practice or location to stop, sit and allow to be….and not think of the should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.


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