Off-Grid Sink

For our little dry cabin, I REALLY wanted a sink and a medicine where I could brush my teeth, take out my contacts, and even do my hair.

My neighbors/friends use a 12v water pump connected to their battery in order to have a full functioning faucet. Basically the faucet draws water from a fresh water tank located under the sink and they place a bucket under the sink drain to collect all the gray water. I liked this idea of having a true functioning sink; however, I really wanted something that was more grid and didn’t use our battery. I want to save the solar powered battery bank for other things, i.e. outdoor movie night with our projector. 🙂

So, I asked the hubby to build just a simple, small yet tall table. I found a deep stainless steel bowl at Walmart for about $4. We placed the bowl face down on the wood, traced it our and then cut the hole. After that. I took Behr gloss paint that already have premier in it. The color is Grey Shimmer 😉

*the other piece of work is for a drop leaf table.

I really wanted the wood to be protected so I got gray marble contact paper from Walmart, approx $3. After laying it over the top of the table, I cut the contact paper into triangles to fit into the opening for the bowl.

I also got my glass beverage dispenser from Walmart, for about $5; dropped it in the table and Voilá!

Eventually we plan on putting a shelf below the sink (where the stability 2x4s are) and covering the base with some fabric….but it is still a work in progress 🙂


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