Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee Packet Review

So, the hubby and and I are going to be backpacking the Tahoe Rim Trail this Fall and I am prepping with getting our meals together, etc. I have had a variety of instant coffees; however, most are not individuality packaged. I like Starbucks coffee but it is kinda expensive for the amount that we need, so off to good old Trader Joe’s to look for solutions and found TJ’s own instant packaged coffee.

For $1.99, you get 8 packets that have milk and sugar already included. I thought this would help with weight.

Honest Verdict: It has a LOT of milk content, then some sugar and I don’t really taste that much coffee in it. I feel that if you could add a Starbucks packet to this TJ packet, it would be the perfect combo. But for $0.25/packet…..I WILL TAKE IT ON OUR JOURNEY


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  1. becomebetty says:

    I leave these in my desk drawer at work for those just in case moments. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I have heard the same about the TJs brand! How was the backpacking trip? What was it like in the fall up there?


    1. aRENOlife says:

      The TRT was amazing! I recommend doing it as it is a good intro to thru-hiking and the scenery is unbelievable = have Lake Tahoe as your back drop. I still need to post about it 🙂 During the Fall, in 2018, there was a drought so water was a little scarce in some areas, so fill up every time you see a water source. Weather wise, it was actually hot. Only cold once the sun went down, but nothing a fleece, hat and/or a rain jacket didn’t fix.

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      1. Nice! Besides the water situation sounds amazing. I haven’t booked a backpacking trip yet for this year. 🤔


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