Camping in Napa – Day 2

We started our day with with bubbles at Domaine Chandon. Surprisingly, I found a lot of their wines to be more dry that I thought they would be….anyhow, still a nice time. But too dry for me.

Next was Robert Mondavi. We ended up becoming a wine club member here as Mondavi is part of the Constellation Wineries, so once you are a member at one winery, you are atumoatically a member at about 7 other wineries including SIMI which we REALLY LIKED. I felt that SIMI had such a wide variety of wines that there is something there for please everyone in your group.

Then headed over to V. Sattui for a little picnic.

I tried this Jam at the market there with some triple creme brie and IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Just the right balance of spice with sweet and the brie was so decadent on the palate.

We tried to get a tasting but they were so packed, we gave up and headed over to Hall Winery

I met this little guy at Hall. His name was James.

And lastly Prager Portworks which is one of my favorites. The experience and fun with the recipes, dollars bills on the walls along with the staff just making the whole experience fun. Not to mention, I REALLY like their ports.

Before heading home, we passed by the Frank Family which I completely recommend but not on a Saturday or Sunday. We loved how small the tasting room was, the staff were so knowledgeable about the grapes, land, etc. We learned a lot from them. We liked the majority of the wines here as well.

Just in case you missed Day 1 of Camping in Napa


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  1. How long was the wait at V. Sattui? We’re going for Labor Day but plan on doing their Market Tasting which they don’t take reservations for. Also, would you recommend Hall Winery? We have that on our list as well!


    1. aRENOlife says:

      We were at V.Sattui for about 1 hr (from getting our food and finding a place to picnic on the lawn). The food was excellent and made fresh; SO WORTH IT. We waited about 45mins for the tasting before giving up.

      Hall Winery is great is you like peppery reds that have “great legs” body to them. There is also a cool ALL red bathroom there to check out. And Hall has great views = good place to chill I’d you make it a later stop. And there is plenty of wine served to split a tasting there.

      Honestly, Sterling was probably the only winery that poured the least. They measured how much is poured and it is MUCH LESS than before (circa 7 yrs ago).

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      1. Thank you so much!

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