Birthday FREEbies

I have multiple emails for different reasons. For instance, an email for personal, for work/professional, and “sign up for our newsletter.” Don’t get me wrong, the last one gets a lot of emails; however, I enjoy getting a lot of freebies for my birthday from companies like:

  • Qdoba – free burrito
  • Sephora – free makeup or skincare gift
  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – free hot pretzel
  • Cinemark – free movie ticket and Tuesdays are $5 for bringing a friend
  • Starbucks – free drink (but you only have 48hrs to use around you actual birthday – just FYI)
  • Nothing Bundy Cake – Free bundlet cake
  • Greatful Gardens (local Reno restaurant) – coupon for a discounted dinner

If you have any Birthday FREEbies that you like, I would love to hear in a reply!


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