24 Hours in Seattle

There are many things to do in Seattle; however, my husband and I covered it all in 24 hours for a fast getaway. Here’s what we did and what we would recommend:

  1. Space Needle – buy your Space Needle & Chihuly Glass Garden tickets online to beat the line and for a better price! These locations are adjacent to on other and you walk next door to see the other attraction (along with Sonic Bloom). A souvenir photo is included with the purchase of your ticket before you go up to (you download the photo to your email before you leave).
    • We took the Monorail back to the downtown area and it was fun as when it was built, people thought that this would be the main transportation of the FUTURE.
Space Needle
From the Elevator going up

2. Sonic Bloom – you can witness this while walking to the Chihuly Glass Garden (visually to the left while walking towards the entrance of the Glass Garden)

Sonic Bloom

3. Chihuly Glass Garden – I LOVED this attraction and you also get 2 free photos taken by a photographer during your tour that you can download to your email before leaving the garden.

Chihuly Glass Garden
Sculptures were so amazing!

4. Pike Place Market – is fun to wonder around and to see all the vendors. I highly recommend getting some Mac n Cheese from Beechers. It is SO YUMMY!

Pike Place Market

5. Elliott’s – for some oysters! We went to Taylor’s and another place in Pike Place Market and Elliott’s won hands down along with a great view of the ocean while enjoying a beer and watching the boats come and go.

Elliott’s for some Oyesters

6. First Starbucks – at Pike’s Place Market. We didn’t get a coffee here as the line was WAY TOO LONG and just shot a photo. We looked inside but you may want to just grab a Starbucks from one of the many locations in Seattle.

The 1st Starbucks

7. Freemont Troll – is located surprisingly in a suburban neighborhood and easy to get via public transit and the bus drops you off at the base of the street.

Freemont Troll

8. Seattle Public Library – this was located across the street from our Hotel Kimpton Vintage and we thought the architecture was interesting so we walked in to see it. It was impressive with how quiet it was (our libraries are more like hang-out spots and noisy) along with the amount of resources the library held.

Seattle Public Library

9. Vancouver, BC – take the Amtrak train to Canada. It is about a 4 hour and has views of the ocean the entire trip. We immediately got coffees on the train and headed to the Dome Car and relaxed until we arrives in Canada.

View from Dome Car to Vancouver, BC via Amtrak

I will post more on Vancouver, BC

Some things we missed:

  • Gum Wall – My friend we didn’t miss much but still might be novel to see
  • The Seattle Underground – tours start every hour, on the hour from a number of companies. By the end of our day, we could have taken a tour at 5pm but we chose to have dinner and entire the room early before waking up for our train.

*To get to all these locations, we took Public Transit and purchased an Orca Card. It costs $5 and it is re-loadable. We picked our up when leaving the airport before taking the light rail to get to our hotel. I just used Google Maps and clicked on the bus icon for directions. Uber is also really easy to take in the area and pretty inexpensive if you are relatively staying in the downtown area.


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