Make your own Wedding Centerpieces

Make your own Wedding Centerpieces v2My aunt and I made our wedding centerpieces. It was fun, inexpensive and exactly what I wanted.


  • 200 Costco Bulk Yellow Roses – $160
  • Floral tap – $1
  • Small short vase (Jo-Ann’s) – $1.75 with a 50% off coupon
  • 6-pack Plant foam squares – $2-3
  • Plant moss (Jo-ann’s) – Think this was $3 with a 50% off coupon
  • Ribbon – $3

Each centerpiece was cost about $15. I KNOW this could be cheaper but again, it was exactly what I wanted, could be made in advance and people could take the centerpieces home at the end of the night = helping with clean up :-).

For the vase/base: We started with the glass vase and shoved a plant foam square into the glass. Then we start pushing moss, and leaves from a plant that have at home that just needed a hair cut.

For the flowers: We started with 2 flowers as the center. Then we took about 7 roses and placed them about the center 2 roses and staggered them a little below the top of the center 2 roses to get a more tiered effect. Then we repeated this step with 7 more roses for the last tier.

Use floral tape to hold the flowers in place (like using a rubber band  when making your own bouquet). Next, we held the stems with 2 hands: 1 at the floral tape, and the other closer to the end of the stems before pushing the bottom of the stems into the plant foam. Making sure when you are doing this that your centerpiece is vertically sound as the foam is not forgiving if you need to fix it. You would have to take the flowers out and re-punch/push the stems in again. The foam allows the flowers to stand up vertically without support.

Then cover the floral tape with the a ribbon or whatever decoration you like to hid it. We also added more moss and leaves to the top of the foam to hid it.

And don’t forget to ADD WATER to your centerpieces!

After our wedding, these centerpieces lasted a week or more.


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