Birthday Beer Cake

Finished Beer Cake


Sometimes just giving what someone wants can be dull, so I got creative in giving Beer to my hubby. He really enjoys Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and just relaxing at home when he has time off from work. Also, I was not going to be there when he arrived home so this was the perfect decoration/gift for him to be surprised with. This “cake” was made with:

  • 10″ Plastic charger plate from the Dollar Store – $1
  • Two 12 packs of beer – $24ish
  • Yellow 2.5″ ribbon – $3ish
  • Mini Bows – $1
  • Gift Tag – $1
  • Balloon weight/decor – $1
  • Curling ribbon (made with using my scissors) – already had from other projects
  • Cardboard – FREE (just grab some from Total Wine or Sam’s Club, etc)
  • Foil
  • Rubber bands

So I started with a charge plate that is about 10″ gold plastic charger plate from the Dollar Store as my base. I found this easier to have a sturdy base, especially if you want to move the cake later. Then I cut a circle of cardboard as the charger plate indented (for a real plate) which created an uneven working surface to place the beers on. I chose to cover the cardboard with foil but I think it would also be fun to cover it with wrapping paper too. Next I placed 14 beers for my base tier.

making the base layer Cut another cardboard circle for your second tier.

TIP! Find a plate that is close to the size you need and trace it for the cardboard circles.

Stella and Beer Cake
Stella enjoyed this project, too.

Also, I used rubber bands to keep the beers together, just like making a diaper cake. And continued this process of cardboard, beers, rubber bands until the top.

Tiers & Beer:

  • Bottom Tier = 14 beers
  • Middle Tier = 7 beers
  • Top Tier = 3 beers

The best way to think of expanding or shrinking your beer cake is: take your bottom tier number of beers, then half that number to get your middle tier number of beers and then half the middle tier number for your top tier number of beers. This will give you a quick idea of how many beers you need to buy. I chose the numbers I did as I could just be 2-12 packs and be done.

Now, you can start to decorate the cake. I got most of my supplies at Michael’s or Walmart (Wally World had the same ribbon as Michaels for even cheaper than using a coupon – go figure!).

Back of Beer CakeAlso, the nice part of using the rubber bands, if that you can tuck the ribbon or decorations into the bands to secure/hold up your decor. I contemplated using my glue gun but didn’t want to have to deal with glue sticking to the beer cans. I’m all about easy and quick! In the end, have fun with your own personalization!

Oh, and also the cardboard bases to your tiers (along with the rubber bands holding the tiers together), makes it easy to move or transport the gift, tier by tier. ‘Cause in the end, that’s 2-12 packs of beer you are carrying around.


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