Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath Collage 2This project is UNDER $20 and UNDER 20 minutes to make.

We really wanted to have more Halloween decorations and not spend a lot of $$ on them either so I thought making a Halloween Wreath would be fun, easy and cheap….not to mention easy “set-up and take-down” for the holidays. 😀 This was my first time making a ribbon mesh wreath and I did this for under well under $20!!Here were my supplies:

Halloween Wreath Supplies

  1. Black ribbon mesh (5.5″ wide x 30ft.) $6.00
  2. Candy Corn wire ribbon – 2″ wide by (I think) 3 yards $2.40
  3. Black Ribbon mesh frame circle $4.20
  4. Black Chenille stick a.k.a. pipe cleaners $0.87
  5. Embellishments: mummy and BOO on a stick $1.50 each

A lot of these supplies were 40% at Hobby Lobby as they are mainly seasonal items. I had never made a wreath like this before and honestly did not know what I was would really need. I watched this video and although I purchased a different width of mesh, it didn’t matter in the end as I just wrapped the mesh around the frame 3 times instead of twice.

Basically start with a loop of your black mesh and secure it to the frame with the pip cleaners that are attached to it. From this point onwards, take about 8 inches of mesh, gather it in the center and then secure to the next pipe cleaner. I started with securing my inner ring before moving to the outer ring = “2 wraps.” I still had plenty of mesh left over and it the wreath was still pretty sparse so I continued for a “3rd wrap.” This 3rd wrap, I zig-zagged back and forth from inner ring to outer ring skipping every other pipe cleaner for that row and was able to use up all the mesh 🙂 I also liked that the black was not SO dense like in the video as I wanted more of a spiderweb-like feel.

Progression of Wreath
Pic 1 – loop to start; Pic 2 – wrapping the 1st ring; Pic 3 – both rings complete; Pic 4 – 3rd wrap completed and looking more FULL; Pic 4 – adding some ribbon

Then, I added some ribbon and let the ribbon guide me to where I should secure it which ended up being every other pipe cleaner zigg-zagging from inner to outer again. At the end of the ribbon, I just bent back the edge to have a nice fold on it and so a naked edge did not show.

Halloween Wreath Ribbon CollageNext, I added the Mummy and BOO embellishments. For these, I pushed the sticks into the inner ring (when you purchase the ring, you will see that the 2 wires make up a circle) and then I secured the embellishment sticks with a black pipe cleaner (see the green highlighted area on the picture below). I could have just used one of the pipe cleaners that was attached to the rings but I just wanted to make sure the embellishments were extra secure.

Halloween Wreath EmbelishmentsLastly, I added made a quick bow with the remaining ribbon and a black pipe cleaner and placed it just under the BOO.

Halloween WreathWith not knowing what I was doing, this project took me about 30 minutes. Now that I have done this at least once, I think this would be an under $20 and under 20 minutes project for the holidays.



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  1. So cute! I noticed the mesh was super cheap at the Wal Mart. I know in years past it was more expensive and hard to find because it would sell out. Although I hate Wal Mart I have to swallow my pride and go there because the deal can not be beat. Anywho…cute wreath!


    1. Thanks Ana!! Good to know. I’ll have to try there as well as a deal is a deal 🙂


  2. jjwalks says:

    Love this!

    Liked by 1 person

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