Gear review: REI InCamp Sleeping Pad


I ❤ this sleeping pad and have slept on it for 2 weeks straight, never feeling like I needed or wanted more from it!!

I went to my local REI and spent about an hour or so laying on all the sleeping pads from the heavier self-inflating to ultralight backpacking air pads. Although I mainly car camp, I still didn’t want a monstrosity of a pad or an ordeal setting it (a.k.a. I wanted something quick to set up). Yes, I was goldilocks in this quest for the perfect medium of easy, light, good R value, and most importantly: COMFORT!!

Here is why I ❤ this pad:
1. I’m a side sleeper and this 2.75″ high pad doesn’t let me hips hit the ground when sleeping or turning.
2. The extra width of 25″ instead of the normal 20″ is nice for spreading out and I don’t feel like I’m gonna fall off the pad when shifting.

3. The built-in pillows are a nice touch if you want to go minimalist and carry less.
4. You can connect 2 pads together with the clasps under the pads and make a large mattress to be close to your hunny.

5. The built-in pump is easy to use and takes about 1 minute to pump up. ** I do advise to not pump up the pad firm as when you add your body weight, the pad will be rock hard.**
6. It deflates to the size shipped. No oragami to try and pack it back into its bag.
7. It’s pretty light at about 2.5lbs. I know some people may think that’s heavy for backpacking and maybe it is but for the occasional backpacking that I do, (again I mainly car camp) the comfort is worth it!!

InCamp Specs (from REI):
R-Value – 3.5
Stuff sack included
Packed size – 7 x 10.5 inches
Dimensions – 78 length x 25 width x 2.75 height inches
Weight – 2 lbs. 10 oz.

P.S. I was not paid, reimbursed, etc. for this review. This is just me, sharing my thoughts.


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