Soaked Almonds


I love soaked almonds. They are a quick cheap snack for the whole family.

You can throw them in smoothies for added protein, make Almond Milk, or just munch on them. I like eating them soaked versus raw because they are more “plump” from being soaked, so I find that I enjoy the texture and flavor more so this way. I also find that soaked almonds can thicken a curry (when ya puré them) and also salad dressings.

Just like making almond milk from scratch, you need to change the water everyday. After 48 hrs of soaking, the almonds are reading to be eaten and fully plump. I keep mine in the refrigerator for soaking and if I don’t finish them after the 5th day, I throw them out. I’ve been told that they no longer good after 5 days….not sure what happens after this magical 5th day but figure that that time frame is basically a week so….it’s fine by me if I have not eaten them by then to toss and start a fresh batch.

An easy way for throwing this together, however large or small of a batch, is place:
– 1/3 almonds into a jar with
– 2/3 water to make sure the almonds are covered and have room to expand from the water.

And since this is so econimcal to do, I like having these on hand in my fridge….whether I make almond milk or not. I LOVE serving this with some blue cheese and honey, or a fig preserve and other strong cheeses. Ironically enough, I constantly get asked, “What almonds are these? Where did you get them?”


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