Scrap Blanket for SPCA Cats & Dogs

Scrap Blanket for SPCAI ❤ our local SPCA!! Especially because I got my cat there; however, when I arrived I saw so many animals that needed homes. I love cats and dogs but I am very aware of my lifestyle and the amount of attention, and energy I can give an animal and how many of them. Anyhow, I asked what other donations they took besides monetary. You can find their link here. I was also told that they have volunteers that will crochet, knit and sew blankets for the animals so they have something warm and cuddly to sleep on.

I know my cat LOVES minky fabric and fleece AAAAAND I had some scrap fabric from some slippers that I made my sister-in-law (yes, her favorite childhood cartoon character is Snoopy). So, I decided to put these leftovers to good use.

The SPCA said that the blankets need to be about the size of sheet of paper (8.5″ x 11″) and up, depending on which animal they will use them for. The blankets above are about 14″ x 24″ with fleece on one side and flannel on the other.

If you are new to sewing, this is the perfect project for you to start with!! Especially as no animal is going to inspecting how straight your line is 😉 These blankets were created with your typical turn and flip method:

  1. Place the wrong sides of each fabric together (facing each other)
  2. Sew along 4 sides of your fabric leaving about 4-5″ open on one side (I left the very last 5″ open. I know most people leave their opening more mid-line like a duvet cover; however, this was easier, faster and I found I got a straighter line in my blanket. However, it’s your blanket and you choose.)
  3. Stick your hand inside the blanket (seems almost like a bag now) and pull the inside out
  4. Align your fabric at the opening to be tucked in…..
  5. And sew it close


Scraps are put to good use!

And a homeless animal will ❤ you for the gift!


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