Mount Rose Waterfall Hike

Good for:

  • Family
  • Fido (dog-friendly)
  • Going Solo

Difficulty:   Easy to moderate

  • I believe the elevation gain is about 1,000 feet but I have heard 2,000 feet…..(not sure).


  • Aprox. 6.4 miles  (about 2-2.5hrs)


What can I say, it’s hard NOT to like a hike in the Tahoe area.  I really like this hike for someone who wants something a little more than beginner but not sure if there are ready for something steep; plus there is a great waterfall at the end of the hike 🙂

When arriving at the trailhead, you will see a parking lot along with the building (which houses vault toilets and has trash bins) in the below photo.  This is where you can park for the day:


Also, there is no water at this trailhead so you will need to bring a water purifier or 2-3L per person for the hike.

Next, pass the building on the left side (closest to the road) to start towards the trail. Very shortly (less than 3 mins) on the trail you will see a board that gives information on trails in the area…..yet you will need to turn right (almost a U-turn) to see the “Hiker Only” sign. THIS IS YOUR TRAIL TO THE WATERFALL.

I have accidentally passed these entry stairs and have ended up on the Tahoe Rim Trail which is not all bad as you have great views of Tahoe (I’ll write another post this trail) but you can travel on this trail for 100+ miles…..


Once on the trail, you will start to see a bit of Tahoe 🙂 = an added plus for the day


Some views of Tamarack Lake as well along the way…….


I took this photo at the end of summer so I’m sure Spring time it must be even better.  You can hike to the top; however, last time I was there, people mentioned that you have to climb the rocks up.  I didn’t want to try climbing that day as I was perfectly content residing under a tree and just taking in the scenery.


And finally arriving at the Waterfall 🙂



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