Flavored Waters

So while walking outside today, I got a craving for flavored water! Which got me thinking that it’s really easy to make:

I was also thinking that if you drink alcohol, this would be good:

  • Watermelon balls soaked in vodka
    • I’ve heard that you have to careful with soaking the watermelon or else it can explode/break down the watermelon skin and it becomes a mess……maybe I’ll try and report back
  • Cucumber vodka spritzer – met someone @ Wreck Beach (Vancouver, BC) who did this and it was very refreshing surprisingly
    • This was literally vodka, sparkling water, and cucumbers. The cucumbers gave the drink a nice refreshing flavor.

Here are some recipes from the Atlantis Spa (in Reno):

Flavored Water Recipes from Atlantis Spa


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