Spending Fast…and Now that I’m Spending AGAIN

Since my Spending Fast, I’ve had some expenses for school that I have needed to take care of (i.e. immunizations, shoes and upgrading my software on my personal computer); nevertheless, I have been exercising more and enjoying the great weather outside. I couldn’t help but wander through REI and look at all the cool, efficient gadgets that are lighter, better, faster than what I have from my Wally world (Wal-mart) equipment. My head was spinning with excitement and the desire for wanting to upgrade.

Unfortunately, here’s what I realized with “allowing” myself to spend again:
I feel like I don’t have enough…
while on my Fast, I felt like I had everything that which I needed, I just needed to get creative and maybe re-purpose something.
You would think that I would have the opposite feeling of, “I have money and I can provide for myself.” So why would I feel the lack? The act of having to go out and get something screamed to me that “I don’t have it” and I’m missing it. Instead of, “You already have it. Get creative and make it work.”
The only thing that I have felt a little guilty on, which thankful for my mother she changed my perspective, has been buying new trailing running shoes and a hydration pack (both bought on clearance). I tried to make my husband’s hydration pack work for me; however, it only held a bladder, leaving me with no where to put house my keys, phone, and maybe an energy bar. And my hiking shoes are heavy while my running shoes…..well, you can see the white inner sole showing through the black outer sole that hits the pavement. I told my mother about this and her response to me was, “Valerie, it’s your health and wrecking your knees is not worth it to save some cash.” Well said!!!
As for the hydration pack, I did look on Craigslist (I would have changed the bladder/mouthpiece, etc.) but the piece was almost the same. I also spoke with my husband last night who has ran many marathons and leads PT (physical training) for his crew and told him about how I got light headed, vertigo and run was pounding while running yesterday. I never crave sports drinks and this time I did. He confirmed that I was dehydrated so the pack was a good thing to get. I HATE carrying junk while running and having the weight bounce against my back or hips. This is my first time using a pack so I will post a review on the Nathan HPL #020 (I got mine at REI for their 2012 close-out deal = over 25% less than Amazon.com). I’ve tried running with water bottles, and not to say that it can be done; however, running for 1-2 hours or hiking 2+hrs……it’s nice to have something more comfortable. I also like the idea of having my hands free in case I slip and need to catch myself.
  1. “Needing” to go buy less gives you the sensation and satisfaction that you have everything that you need.
  2. And your health is worth it! Don’t sacrifice treating your body like a temple. This physical body is what moves your through this world.
P.S. I just watched a lecture by Scott Jurek (ultramarathon runner and fruitarian) on his tips for saving money on gear:
  • Buy on sale and stock up
  • If you are a women’s 8 (shoe size) then you are a men’s 6 — see if the men’s version works for you. Because the shoe size is so much smaller than what normal men go for, there may be a chance that there is overstock = save money
  • Use what works for you – if you are not racing, throw on a t-shirt and shorts and get out there.

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