Creamy Pesto Zucchini Pasta

In trying something new as I was starving when got home from school, I grabbed my Raw Food Made Easy for  1 or 2 People cookbook and started searching for a recipe I could make with the ingredients I had.
I tailored the recipe as I don’t have a vegetable slicer nor fresh basil leaves for I just used the following:
– zucchini
– potatoes peeler
– an avocado
– pesto (already made in a jar)
In one bowl, since I don’t want to dirty up more bowls than I have to, I mashed up the entire avocado and dropped in a spoonful of pesto. Stirred it all up and then started peeling my zucchini to make the ribbons of “linguine.” I did this start into the bowl as well. Lastly, I stirred up the whole bowl missing the avocado sauce to cover my linguine and voilà!! Finished and I can eat right away.



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