Spending Fast: Day 13 – How to Move Beyond Convenience

I’m almost halfway through the month of this Spending Fast, and I’ve noticed my biggest struggle is really fighting against convenience. For instance, you need to run errands on the weekend and you will be gone all day. Grabbing a banana or power bar is easy however power bars are not always cheap and sometimes you more than just a bar.
I was thinking about this more and more over the weekend and thought of a couple of things to stock in my pantry/fridge so I can grab ’n go:
·         Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
·         Protein powder in a Blender Bottle (just add water and ice and shake — I like Vega chocolate and it also makes sure that I drink enough water in my day)
Fridge (no microwave required):
·         Pesto pasta (in particular tortellini pasta = more hearty) I eat cold and it just reminds me of a pesto salad than COLD pasta.
·         Lettuce/Cheese sandwich (make sure the lettuce is really dry or else it will get soggy) and sometimes I will  put tempeh bacon on this too.
·         Veggie wrap – be careful if putting hummus on this as the spread can make the tortilla wrap soggy. I would go for beans (whole like pinto) or just straight veggies.
·         Yogurts
·         Celery or carrot sticks
·         Chia seed drink – I get the snack/lunch size Tree Top apple juice (plastic bottles), take a sip from the bottle, put 2-3 teaspoons of chia seeds in the bottle, refill with water to the top again, put the top back on and shake. The Chia seeds have omega-3’s, protein, fiber and much more nutrients in them. Also when refrigerated overnight, the chia seeds expand from the liquid and the drink becomes quite filling!
·         Frozen grapes (separate into snack bags to grab ’n go)
 This what I’ve thought of so far however hope to add to it. Please comment if you have other fav, grab ‘n go items even if it is a power bar as maybe it’s heartier than what I eat. Thanks!

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  1. theBARTninja says:

    I eat chia seeds every day with my oatmeal and have heard of putting it in smoothies, but it never occurred to me to just add some a drink. Great idea!


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