1 minute updo

This literally too my 1 minute to do 🙂
I’m in finals week so ponytails and updo’s it is so anything quick that I can accessorize and look acceptable is perfect. (I didn’t accessorize this look however you can add flowers and barrettes, etc. for fun.
  1. Put your in a high ponytail
  2. Pull the elastic away from the scalp so you can part your hair, leaving a channel for the hair to be pulled through
  3. Pull you hair through the channel from the bottom up (so now the ponytail hair is flipped upwards)
  4. Flip your head forward and back comb the hair
  5. Put an elastic at the bottom of the ponytail hair (may need to comb out the tease a little on the top hair for “neatness”)
  6. Tuck the elastic underneath the hair, close to the first elastic and bobby pin into place