Making Money on Bing

Get rewarded while surfing the internet!

I use Bing as a search engine to look up show-times, research travel sites or other misc. things and earn point while doing it. I signed up for Bing rewards through my Live account and starting surfing.

You get automatic points for “signing-up,” referring friends, and every day there is a spotlight topic that you can click on to automatically earn 1 point. Mind you, you top out every day at 16 points (about 30 searches); however, with referring friends and do some other requests from Bing, you can earn 100 points at a time. At around 400 points, you can start to redeem your points for a promotional code for some of the following:

  • Red Envelope $15
  • ProFlowers $15
  • Starbucks $5
  • $5
  • Groupon $5
  • Xbox points
  • Redbox Rentals
  • Donations to different Charities

I’ve redeemed my points mainly at and have use them on purchasing textbooks. At least for you can put in the promotional code and let the points sit on your account until you are ready to use them.
Honestly, even if you don’t use Bing……try it out, get your points and have a fatter wallet around Christmas time by earning free stuff while surfing the net. Who knows, you may even like it.

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