Megabus – $1 each way from Reno to San Fran

So, I was listening to a travel article on my Pulse news app on my phone and ran across Budget your Vacation: 4 Tips to Save Money and found out that as along and you book 30-45 days in advance; you can book a trip to……
San Francisco from Reno for $1 each way
(along with a $0.50 reservation charge).

Mind you, that this $1 trip is really only during the normal Monday through Friday workweek; however, the weekends range from $16-18 each way. If you come back on the early 8:30am bus on Sunday, then you will most likely only spend about $2.

BUT STILL!! Imagine the international flights that you can go on for way less than leaving from RNO airport. For instance, I looked up taking a trip to Puerto Rico from Reno and the cost ran about $550. From SFO airport, the same trip was only $350. And you wouldn’t have to pay for parking, tolls, and gas on top of airfare, etc.


Once on the site, you will choose your state and then city from which you are leaving. Then, you will see the options of where you can travel to with Megabus. In the Reno area, I could also leave from Sparks and there are two options of trips:

  1. Sacramento – 2hrs 40mins
  2. San Francisco – 4hrs 10mins

The buses go straight to their destination without making pit stops so there is a restroom on the bus along with:

  • FREE wifi
  • Reclining seats
  • Double Decker (2 stories of seats to choose from)
  • Handicap accessible (moderately impaired — probably because of the stairs to the bus)
  • Seatbelts
  • and of course, Professional Drivers

Hope this helps with cheap travels for summer!


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