Leftover chili bake

Ok, so I had a ton of rice left over from make a stir fry, veggie korma and another meal. I didn’t flavor the rice so I could use it multiple meals and i didn’t want to throw it out. So after grabbing things from my pantry……I turned the remaining rice into a chili bake.

Ingredients (but feel free to add more. I just used some of what i had to save on groceries):
– plain rice (2 maybe to 3 cooked cups)
– kidney beans (16oz can rinsed ans strained)
– corn (16oz can)
– tomato sauce (16oz can)
– sprinkled in some chili powder, garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt & pepper, cumin, minced onion, cilantro and chives (Any and all spices i thought would be good in a chili and what I had on hand. I was out of bay leaves and some others.)

I sauteed the beans and corn in butter while adding the spices one at a time. Then, I added the tomato sauce and little simmer just for a couple of minutes before adding rice to the mix. I sprayed the casserole dish with nonstick spray and then spread it out.

I shredded about 1-1.5 cups of pepper jack cheese and sprinkled it on top. Then bake at 400° for 25-30mins uncovered OR if the mixture is hot enough from the fry pan, just broil the dish on high until the cheese browns.



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