Ingenious Quick Shave

So by the title of his post, you can guess that I’m not as hippie-dippie as you might think. Normally I take a bath when shaving to take my time and not worry about “getting in and out” without hurting myself. Practice has not made this girl perfect so I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before…

In order to conserve water and not feel rushed, I got an of plastic cup and my shaving tools. Filled the cup up with water and turned off the shower. Then shaved. I used the cup water to rinse of my razor when needed by swirling/shaking it in he filled cup. And then emptied out/refilled the cup between legs.

It was so MUCH easier than a bath or shaving during a shower because the water never accidentally ran down my legs taking my shaving cream with it. And with not feeling “rushed,” I shaved faster than normal…..ingenious yet so simple. Wish this occurred to me before Haha.


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