No Sales Tax Days by state

I know a lot of people, especially with school around the corner, are already starting shop and look for deals for back to school or just look for deals in general with summer almost being half way done. I found this the other day and hope that it helps some people with their shopping (whatever the reason):

No Sales Tax Days By State

For most states, it’s in early August— FYI.


Ingenious Quick Shave

So by the title of his post, you can guess that I’m not as hippie-dippie as you might think. Normally I take a bath when shaving to take my time and not worry about “getting in and out” without hurting myself. Practice has not made this girl perfect so I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before…

In order to conserve water and not feel rushed, I got an of plastic cup and my shaving tools. Filled the cup up with water and turned off the shower. Then shaved. I used the cup water to rinse of my razor when needed by swirling/shaking it in he filled cup. And then emptied out/refilled the cup between legs.

It was so MUCH easier than a bath or shaving during a shower because the water never accidentally ran down my legs taking my shaving cream with it. And with not feeling “rushed,” I shaved faster than normal…..ingenious yet so simple. Wish this occurred to me before Haha.

Bathroom Cleaning in Seconds!!

I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap in peppermint to start and awaken my day. I love this soap….the smell is awesome and you can use the soap to clean dishes, clothes, etc. It’s very versitile and comes in a number of scents. On my weeekends they are so many things I try to do “get ahead” for my busy school/work week and for some it reason it never occurred to me to do 2 things at once in the shower.  
After shampooing and while your conditioner is in your hair or face mask, turn off the shower and use the Castile soap to clean the tub with a scrub brush. I did this quickly = less than 3 mins to scrub my whole tub. Turn the shower back on and rinse out the conditioner and tub. 
Voila! Done! 
Also, I love the disposable antibacterial wipes that you are get from your grocery store to wipe down the toilet and/or counter tops. I also keep a bottom of glass cleaner with paper towels under my bathroom sink so at any time, I can clean my mirrors. With these last 2 steps. I’ve cleaned the majority of my bathroom in under 10 mins. 

Hope that helps with time.

By the way, if you are new to castile soap, here are some (of the many) different uses for it:
1. Shampoo – even for your dogs!

2. Laundry detergent – I have definitely used this soap when i go camping to be my all in one!!!
3. Dish Soap – did I mention this was my all in one for camping
4. Mopping solution – Use 2 or 3 tablespoons of castile soap in a bucket of water
5. Soap dispenser refill – You can refill your foaming hand soap dispenser with 1 part castile soap to 4 parts water.
6. Body wash – use this on a loofah everyday = LOVE
7. Carpet cleaner