Creamy protein smoothies

I’ve been making protein smoothies from various different kinds of protein (whey, rice, egg, and some others that I don’t know but are vegan).  I’ve mainly been using either soy milk, almond milk and/or water as a the liquid and then add some crushed ice. 
  • I like soy or almond milk better than just water UNLESS it’s the whey protein. They are really tasty!! my favorite is Jay Robb Strawberry – it tastes like a milkshake and is more filling that some of the others.
  • USE some form of milk. Just using water and ice will not get the consistency right = it clumps and the liquid separates.
  • Use half of (or whole) banana to make the smoothie creamy without adding a lot more calories.
  • Lastly, pay a little extra for a protein shake that tastes good and is not overly processed which is not good for protein = it denatures it which in turn becomes free radicals in your body. So don’t try to cover the taste or quality up with more berries/fruit. Be good to your body.
My favorites:
  1. Jay Robb Strawberry Whey Protein ($23 – but this one is EXCELLENT tasting and doesn’t clump if you can’t make a smoothie) It basically tasting like a a creamy strawberry milkshake. I love it!!
  2. Aria Vanilla (found at Trader Joe’s – only $10)  – I found this once was the best for not clumping if I just wanted to mix it with almond milk. 
      • RECIPE: 8-12oz. of almond milk, crushed ice, a dash of cinnamon and a whole banana = YUM!

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  1. Lyssette says:

    Hi Val! I like/use Jillian Michaels Natural Whey Protein in Vanilla Shake Flavor in my smoothies! So delicious! It's about $10 at Walmart. Also comes in Chocolate.


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