Small House Living & Why I Like it!

Because it’s Eeeeeeeeeasy! Our house is around 1,000 sq. ft. (3 bedrooms, 2 bath). When I tell people that our house is around 1,000 sq ft which is smaller some of friend’s apartments, they would be astonished that the floor plan could even have a third bedroom. But it works. And yes , there are times like ANYONE you wish there was just little more space here and there but in the end, living on the smaller side of life has taught me so much about what I want out of life and how much easier it is to get it than what the American dream dictates.

Here are some of the things I love about living small:

  1. Our house is easy to clean!!
  2. It doesn’t cost that much to furnish
    1. Heck, it doesn’t cost a lot to OWN my invest of property
  3. I save money on mortgage, utilities, other expenses for a home, etc.
  4. My house is very organized
    1. I read somewhere the motto of “Don’t put it down, put it away.” And this alone has helped me stay more organized; even when I’m tired and just want to put it down, LOL :-)
  5. I really keep mainly what I need but I do have some fun stuff for hobbies/crafts and camping gear in a shed
  6. I have more space due to so much downsizing
  7. Whatever I need is at my fingertips
  8. Searching the house for something lost is short and sweet
  9. It doesn’t take much to spruce it up
  10. Renovations are MUCH cheaper with a larger impact

The best thing that was ever said to me by a dear friend who has great style, no matter where she lived:

“You can have a lot of great things, but it does mean you have all your great things all out at once.”

And living in a smaller home has taught me this precise statement. With a larger space, we tend to fill it just like when we get a larger income, we tend to spend more; even when we don’t mean to. I don’t save China for special occasions = I use what I have every day and if I haven’t used it in 6 months to MAYBE 1 year, I consider donating it. Passing it onto to someone else that may have more joy with it than what I do.

What do you do, to live with less in order to have more enjoyment out of life? Would <3 to hear from you :-)


Birthday Beer Cake

Finished Beer Cake

Finished Beer Cake


Sometimes just giving what someone wants can be dull, so I got creative in giving Beer to my hubby. He really enjoys Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and just relaxing at home when he has time off from work. Also, I was not going to be there when he arrived home so this was the perfect decoration/gift for him to be surprised with. Continue reading

Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath Collage 2

Halloween Wreath Collage 2This project is UNDER $20 and UNDER 20 minutes to make.

We really wanted to have more Halloween decorations and not spend a lot of $$ on them either so I thought making a Halloween Wreath would be fun, easy and cheap….not to mention easy “set-up and take-down” for the holidays. :-D This was my first time making a ribbon mesh wreath and I did this for under well under $20!! Continue reading

Scrap Blanket for SPCA Cats & Dogs

Scrap Blanket for SPCAI <3 our local SPCA!! Especially because I got my cat there; however, when I arrived I saw so many animals that needed homes. I love cats and dogs but I am very aware of my lifestyle and the amount of attention, and energy I can give an animal and how many of them. Anyhow, I asked what other donations they took besides monetary. You can find their link here. I was also told that they have volunteers that will crochet, knit and sew blankets for the animals so they have something warm and cuddly to sleep on.

I know my cat LOVES minky fabric and fleece AAAAAND I had some scrap fabric from some slippers that I made my sister-in-law (yes, her favorite childhood cartoon character is Snoopy). So, I decided to put these leftovers to good use.

The SPCA said that the blankets need to be about the size of sheet of paper (8.5″ x 11″) and up, depending on which animal they will use them for. The blankets above are about 14″ x 24″ with fleece on one side and flannel on the other.

If you are new to sewing, this is the perfect project for you to start with!! Especially as no animal is going to inspecting how straight your line is ;-) These blankets were created with your typical turn and flip method:

  1. Place the wrong sides of each fabric together (facing each other)
  2. Sew along 4 sides of your fabric leaving about 4-5″ open on one side (I left the very last 5″ open. I know most people leave their opening more mid-line like a duvet cover; however, this was easier, faster and I found I got a straighter line in my blanket. However, it’s your blanket and you choose.)
  3. Stick your hand inside the blanket (seems almost like a bag now) and pull the inside out
  4. Align your fabric at the opening to be tucked in…..
  5. And sew it close


Scraps are put to good use!

And a homeless animal will <3 you for the gift!